Oil & Gas Exploration, Production, Pipelines & Refining

Exploration & Production (E&P):

  • Design, use & application of equipment; personnel qualifications.
  • Onshore & offshore drilling operations, Arctic operations.
  • Well completions, casing, tubing, cementing, packers & gravel pack.
  • Well treatment; hydraulic fracturing, enhanced recovery methods.
  • Storage & Transportation: tank design, pressure vessels & pipelines.

Well Servicing, Workover & Repair:

  • Industry standards & methods of operation; oil, gas & water wells.
  • Drilling rigs, well servicing units; rotating, hoisting & circulating systems.
  • Blowouts, blow out prevention, well control procedures & principals.
  • Failure analysis, mechanical, electrical & hydraulic systems.

Oilfield Equipment & Services:

  • Handing tools; elevators, tongs, spiders, slips, clamps, bowls & bushings.
  • Downhole tools; bits, collars, pipe, rotary connections, stabilizers & jars.
  • Surface equipment; wellhead, pumping units, blowout preventers, mud pumps.
  • Directional drilling; mud motors, turbines, steering tools, MWD, top drives.
  • Fishing tools; overshots, mills, guides, jars, bumper subs, pipe cutters.
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