Forensic Services Categories - Electrical Engineering

Power Plants:

  • Plant construction & equipment installation.
  • Site selection, cogeneration, economic feasibility.
  • Troubleshooting of turbines, boilers, fans & pumps.
  • Plant air emissions control; water contamination control, fossil fuel equipment, environmental.
  • Technical evaluations for commercial & industrial applications. CO, SO2 monitoring, demineralization. Existing facility life extension studies, rehabilitation, demands & forecasts, start-up & HVAC.

Electrical Utilities:

  • Technical evaluations & failure analysis.
  • Accident reconstruction, personal injury and product liability claims.
  • Overhead transmission lines, load management and customer usage patterns.
  • Design use and application of mechanical & electrical power systems, HVAC & appliances.
  • Regulatory issues, Clean Air Act, fugitive emission guidelines.
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